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Elevate the faculty of Accounting and Auditing

Even though Accounting and Auditing Faculty is a new faculty of University of Economics - established in November 2014, our faculty has clearly identified the development goals. On the occasion of At Mui Tet, we had a short conversation with the Dean of the faculty, AP.Dr. Tran Anh Tai, and also the Vice Rector of UEB:

- Sir, the University of Economics and Business has recently announced the establishment of the Accounting and Auditing faculty. As a dean, please tell us something about it?

            Good morning. In terms of social requirements, the Accounting and Auditing training sector is in a great demanding. Even in the developed economic countries the demand and number of students taking Accounting degree are always in the top list. In American universities, the demand for professional accountants – auditors are expected to rise by about 18% per year from 2006 to 2016. The recent statistics of the National Association off College and Employers (NACE) showed that accounting major reaches the second place out of the 8 favorite majors in America, just right behind Finance major. In the recent conditions, when Vietnam’s economy is open, integrates into the world economy – this has set out a series of urgent issues need to be solved, including the critical shortage of human resources in accounting and auditing who have high qualification.

            At the UEB, Accounting and Auditing Faculty has been allowed to organize training bachelor from 2010. Up to date, we had 01 course graduated with highly recognition by society about knowledge, skills and attitude. Moreover, accounting and auditing is the core majors in economic field, therefore Accounting and Auditing Faculty is on the way to be the main major in UEB for not only undergraduate but also post-graduate.

            To sum up, the establishment of the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing conforms to the needs of society, and the development of University of Economics and Business; this is also the milestone showing the attention and facilitation of the University of Economics and Business for our faculty.

            - Even though our faculty is a new established faculty in 11/2014, via the UEB’s website, we have seen that the faculty have many meaningful activities, especially in co-operating with enterprises. Could you please tell me more about this?

            That’s right! Even though our faculty is operating independently under the UEB, we have collaborated with different businesses and training partners. Specifically, we received the scholarship worth 500 million dong for students from SUNWAY-HANU. We also received a copyright of the virtual accounting practicing room ACPro from ACMAN JSC, and a scholarship from ACCA which was estimated about 360 million dong. Also, we received many other supports from our partner firms, such as FAST, MISA JSC. Moreover, we have just cooperated with VACPA and Vietsourcing JSC in organizing a ceremony of “Conquering the Crown of Occupation - the Fourth Times” for accounting, auditing, and financing students.

            The co-operation with businesses and partners is an important activities. Faculty of Accounting and Auditing focuses on implementing two major training objectives which are to stick with reality and follow the global trends. Along with the close collaborating with businesses – employers, the companies in services, accounting software or training international programs, we aim to bring the most benefits for students through various learning opportunities; as well as access the reality, etc. In the future, we will strengthen further the cooperation with our partners. We will develop more effective and detail action plans in order to create a close relationship between the university and the society, as well as between students and businesses.

            - What are the plans for faculty of Accounting and Auditing in 2015, Sir?

            2015 is an extremely important year for the faculty of Accounting and Auditing. In this year, we both focus on completing the organizational structure and human resource of the faculty, and embark on the development strategy which conform to the oriented development of the university. In 2015, we deeply focus on training bachelor degree and improve the quality of teaching and learning for students. We complete the training program with unique subjects, such as “The current issues of Accounting”, “Project Auditing”; provide the internship program; as well as invite the experts in accounting, and auditing to come and share their experiences in order to provide the realistic knowledge for students. We also establish the development strategy for postgraduate training in accounting and auditing which includes: opening Master degree from 2016, PhD degree from 2020. Our target is to provide high quality human resources in accounting, auditing, tax for business, financial consulting organizations, and other projects in Vietnam. In 2015, we will also begin implementing short-term training programs to meet the needs of improving knowledge and skills for individuals, organizations and enterprises. Beside training operation, we will facilitating the cooperation with other training partners and businesses in order to develop the faculty becoming a powerful unit of UEB in applied researching.

            - Thank you. On the occasion of At Mui Tet, we wish you, all the lecturers and staffs of the faculty of Accounting and Auditing in particular and the UEB in general always in good health, and receiving great achievements on the ahead path.     

Thai Nguyen

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