Wednesday, 6/10/2015 | 04:03:39 PM

On 17th December 2015, faculty of Accounting and Auditing organized successfully the seminar “Green Accounting – Reality and conditions to apply in Vietnam”. The seminar attracted many lecturers and students to join in.

Green development is one of the main researches of not only University of Economics and Business but also the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing. This research is still a very new topic in Vietnam and requires more specialized studies. Thus, the seminar “Green Accounting – Reality and conditions to apply in Vietnam” was organized to provide opportunities for lecturers, students, and guests to discuss and get information about this topic.

After the introduction of Dr. Nguyen Thi Huong Lien, the seminar started with the speeches from the guests and lecturers about “Some issues in building green financing system”, “Natural accounting resources in the scene of sustainable development”, “The advantages and disadvantages when applying green accounting in Vietnam”. The speeches not only provided the overview of green accounting from both macro and micro point of view, and in consistent with the reality of business operation.

Next, lecturers, students, the guests provided their judgements, and discussions about the current issues, then indicated some orientations and methods which support the development of green accounting. In the seminar, the Dean of the faculty introduced the main researches of our faculty for the next year which are also following the main researches of the university in general. This would help the students to have an overview of research, in order to select an appropriate topic and conform to the main research of faculty in particular and the university in general.

At the end of the seminar, AP.Dr. Tran Anh Tai – the Dean of the faculty summarized the results of the seminar, recognized the contribution of the lecturers and students in developing the field of “Green Accounting”. Hopefully, in a near future, faculty of Accounting and Auditing will obtain many other successes in scientific researches, and also apply them in teaching and reality.

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